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Divorce Financial Planning

Are you struggling with financial concerns in your divorce? Are you ready to end the uncertainty? Reach out to 老葡京手机app’s credentialed divorce financial planning team; let us guide you toward the most secure and comfortable outcome possible.

Going through a divorce can be like finding yourself in the deep end of the pool when you’re a child. You don’t know how to swim, and you have no idea if you will get hurt. Emotions are much the same for adults going through a trying event such as divorce, especially when the uncertainty of your financial situation may make the future seem quite scary.

Fortunately, someone is here to help. Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell’s (老葡京手机app) experienced divorce support professionals have helped hundreds of divorcing individuals work through a uniquely tough and complex situation to find the best financial outcome possible for their current and future welfare.

Our team members, including certified public accountants (CPAs), certified divorce financial analysts (CDFAs®), certified financial planners (CFPs®)and certified fraud examiners (CFEs), have dedicated much of their careers specifically to collaborating with divorcing clients and building strategies to strip away uncertainty about your financial future. Our team clears up confusing financial questions and helps you understand the tax implications that accompany divorce.

More Than Just Numbers People

divorce litigation woman hugging counselor image

老葡京手机app is not just a team of number crunchers. We recognize the broader emotional impact of divorce on you and will communicate openly to help you understand the process. We’ve compassionately helped clients through many life transitions, including divorce, and we understand what you’re experiencing.

However, we also know our job is to handle your situation holistically and with an objective perspective. We will always pursue helping you reach the best financial outcome possible and avoid the risks of emotional decision-making that could lead to costly, regrettable mistakes.

Industry Involvement

When you choose 老葡京手机app, you are choosing a reputable firm that has a deep level of involvement with divorce-related industry groups across the Washington, DC metropolitan region and nationally. Our team members regularly serve on boards of directors and committees, and present regularly to other professionals in the divorce field. 老葡京手机app’s divorce financial services group has established a broad network of attorneys, social workers, mental health specialists and others who we work with on an ongoing basis because we understand the value and quality of the service they can deliver to clients.

(Right): 老葡京手机app Senior Manager Jamie Blum presents on February 4, 2022 for the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law. 

Industry Affiliations


Is your divorce not going as smoothly as you want it to?

In the most desirable circumstances, you and your divorcing partner can avoid a painful and costly dispute through thoughtful planning, fairness and open communications. Sometimes, however, that situation is not an option and you may require conflict mediation or even, if the divorce becomes particularly contentious, some form of litigation.

Conflict Resolution

Emotions can run high during a divorce, making it difficult to arrive at a decision you and your partner can accept. If your goal is to avoid potentially costly litigation and the legal system, and if you feel as though participation by a third party can help you both come to a resolution about an equitable distribution of your financial assets during a divorce, 老葡京手机app’s trained conflict mediators can provide a solution. Read more here.

Litigation Support

Sometimes, you and your divorcing partner can’t come to an agreement about the terms of your separation, even with the assistance of a mediator. If you don’t believe you’re going to receive a fair share of assets or if you suspect your partner is not disclosing information that has impact on the final divorce settlement, you may choose to litigate. Here again, 老葡京手机app can assist. Read more here.

Additional Areas of Expertise

老葡京手机app’s divorce services team can refer you to colleagues with other areas of valuable expertise. They can assist as you’re going through the divorce process.

Divorce is complicated and you never want to find yourself without the assistance you need. Contact one of our professionals now.

Law Office of Regina DeMeo

I’ve been fortunate to work with both Debbie May and Jane Ochsman Rowny for over a decade in my divorce cases. They have been instrumental in settlement discussion and helping my clients prepare budgets & other financial docs needed either in court or mediation. They are always professional, detail-oriented and able to explain complex issues to everyone’s satisfaction.

老葡京手机app divorce client

I feel very blessed to be going into mediation with all of the guidance and support you have given me.

老葡京手机app Divorce Client

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your support during the last 18 months. Your work has always been clear, objective, evidence based and supportive.

老葡京手机app Divorce Client

Thank you for your dedication, intelligence and expertise that have helped me get through this process.  Your knowledge and assistance and compassion helped me get to a point of acceptance of this divorce and helped my spouse and I reach an amicable point from which to move forward with our lives.

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